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List all files in fileset.

lslpp -f

Find out what fileset "fortune" belongs to

lslpp -w /usr/games/fortune

List packages that are above the current OS level

oslevel -g

Find packages below a specified (ML/)TL

oslevel -rl 5300-05

List all filesets

lslpp -L

List all filesets in a grepable or awkable format

lslpp -Lc

Find the package that contains the filemon utility

which fileset filemon

Install the database (from CD/DVD) for which fileset

installp -ac -d /dev/cd0 bos.content list

Create a mksysb backup of the rootvg volume group

mksysb -i /mnt/server1.mksysb.`date +%m%d%y`

Cleanup after a failed install

installp -C

Uninstall a package

installp -u package_name