Kernel tuning

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no is used in the following examples. vmo, no, nfso, ioo, raso, and schedo all use similar syntax. lvmo uses different syntax.

Reset all networking tunables to the default values

no -D (Changed values will be listed)

List all networking tunables

no -a

Set a tunable temporarily (until reboot)

no -o use isno=1

Set a tunable at next reboot

no -r -o use isno=1

Set current value of tunable as well as reboot

no -p -o use isno=1

List all settings, defaults, min, max, and next boot values

no -L

List all sys0 tunables (all attributes listed)

lsattr -El sys0

Get information on the minperm% vmo tunable

vmo -h minperm%

Change the maximum number of user processes to some value

chdev -l sys0 -a maxuproc=2048

Check to see if SMT is enabled


Directory containing tunables settings