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Error logging is provided through: alog, errlog and syslog.

alog - boot, console messages, NIM, others
errlog - hardware, kernel, and some apps
syslog - Internet dameons, and apps

Display the contents of the boot log

alog -o -t boot

Display the contents of the console log

alog -o -t console

List all log types that alog knows

alog -L

Display the contents of the system error log

errpt (Add -a or -A for varying levels of verbosity)

Clear all errors up until x days ago

errclear x

List info on error ID FE2DEE00 (IDENTIFIER column in errpt output)

errpt -aDj FE2DEE00

Put a "tail" on the error log

errpt -c

List all errors that happened today

errpt -s `date +%m%d0000%y`

List all errors on hdisk0

errpt -N hdisk0

To list details about the error log

/usr/lib/errdemon -l<code>

To change the size of the error log to 2 MB

/usr/lib/errdemon -s 2097152

<code>Edit a syslog.conf line to send all messages to log file

*.debug /var/log/messages

WARNING: AIX uses *.debug for all, not *.*