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Board games are a fun way to spend your free time with friends and family. Ranging from simple to hugely complex ones, there is something for everyone's age group, interests and tastes. There are a few really good web sites out there covering this topic, even have very comprehensive lists with images and descriptions of each.

By a simple definition, a board game is a game played on some type of play-area - a board - by moving the pieces in a certain way (set by a concrete board game rules) or making combination of strategic decisions to achieve a goal set in front of a player. The various types of board games have been evolving throughout the time, and quite a few categories with various game mechanics exist nowadays. People have been known to invent so-called house rules which improve upon the basic rules which came with the game itself, or make the game more interesting and even in some cases simpler, in order to accommodate novice players.

One of the best websites covering the board games including top lists and forums is Board Game Geek although you should take into account that some of the ratings are quite strict and made by experienced players so sometimes a game of a rating for example of 6.7 can be quite fun to play. The best way to evaluate a game quality on the site is to take a look at the number of votes, number of owned games and the mark given. The game of rating 8 but having only 10 votes, is most probably much worse than a 7.1 game with 10.000 voters.